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Utternik is a technology company with a unique feedback App and web based platform, which provides your customers with a new way to rate. Utternik's platform uses  real word expressions combined with a numeric value rating which tell you precisely what your customers think about something, without having to spend a lot of time reading through a bunch of written reviews. Unlike the traditional feedback methods such as, standard Likert scale surveys, star ratings and many others, we actually give you the customers real word expressions providing you the why. 

Utternik's platform revolves around our proprietary algorithms which fuel our unique Utternik value rating system. We spent years developing our algorithms to be able to provide customers a platform that delivers clear and concise feedback at glance.


Customer Feedback Services

Customers can provide their feedback  usually in 30 seconds or less without having to write long reviews and they love that. A simple and easy to use platform with true meaningful results.

Organization Feedback Services

Our platform provides an efficient and  easy way for employees to  express how  they feel about something, using real  meaningful word expressions which are tied to our Utternik value rating that you can track to identify any trends good or bad. 

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